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Episode 3

“Your daughter came to my house three days ago and said that my son will die today at exactly this time and now my son is dead.” Mr Thomas said and the people that went with them shouted.
“Does it mean is my daughter that killed him?” Mr Desmond asked.
“I wonder oh.” Mrs Desmond added.
“Yes your daughter killed him, she is a witch pretending to be blind.” Mr Thomas said.
“Ask your daughter to come and wake my else I will not leave here.” Mrs Thomas said sitting on the ground.
“I didn’t kill your son, I told you people but you took it for granted….if you had listen to me Tony wouldn’t has died, obedience is better than sacrifice.” Anna said as she came out of the house.
“You this blind witch, I will deal with you.” Mr Thomas said.
“I speak not of myself but of Him who sent me.” Anna said.
“Exactly, that day self she saw Tony and was trying to tell him but he didn’t listen to her instead he started abusing her.” Chidi who came in when he heard voices said defending Anna.
“Mr Thomas, I am sorry for the death of your son please take heart.” Mr Desmond said.
“You! We shall see.” Mr Thomas said pointing at Anna before they left.
That evening, Mr Desmond returned back from work and they were eating at the dinning table when he remembered what happened earlier that day.
“Anna, I hope you are happy with the embracement that we faced this morning because of you?” He asked.
“Father, I have done nothing wrong.” Anna said defending herself.
“You have done nothing wrong? Do you know what it means to tell someone that his son will die and he truly died at the exact time you said? Do you know what it means?” Her father asked half yelled.
“Tony died because they refused to do what they were told to do.” Anna said.
“Anna, do you know how people will be seeing you now? And you have ruined my reputation.” Mr Desmond said.
“Father, allow people to see me anyhow they want, they are not the one that owns my life and talking about your reputation, it not ruined okay? So worryless”. She said.
Her dad breathe down and continue with his food as her mother was feeding her.
The next morning, Anna woke up very early, she did her morning devotion before heading out…she got to their gate and their gateman refused to let her go, after begging him for some minutes he opened the gate for her.
She went to a house that was in the third Street where a woman named mama Orobo lived with her two children, one is disable and the other one who happens to be a girl is a public ashawo.
Anna stood opposite their door waiting patiently for mama Orobo to come out…. Few minutes later, she came out with a bako bag in her hand, she was obviously going to the market.
“Mama Orobo good morning.” Anna greeted.
(Mama Orobo was shocked when she heard her name, she looked everywhere to know if she came alone or someone bought her, when she didn’t see anybody..she wondered how Anna was able to locate her house in her blind states)
“Don’t worry, I came alone.” Anna said to her surprised, Anna was actually backing her but she knew it was Anna.
“What are you doing here and what do you want?” She asked feeling a bit scared.
“Why did you killed Tony?” Anna asked.
(“How did she know I killed Tony?”) She thought.
“Because God knows you.” Anna said and feared gripped her.
“Now answer my question, why did you kill Tony?” Anna asked again.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She said.
“Your days are numbered, if you don’t stop killing innocent souls you will face shame and disgrace..be warn!” Anna said and start walking away.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She said.
“Be warn!!” Anna said and left.
Mama Orobo ran inside her house as soon as Anna left, she went to her room, opened her wardrobe, bought out a small Calabash pot that was tied with red piece of cloth and some white chalks and other things inside.. she make some incantation and queen Morgan appeared in her room.
“Queen mother I greet you.” She said and bow her head a little.
“Anna just left here right?” Queen Morgan asked.
“Yes queen mother.” She replied.
“Don’t worry I will handle her.” Queen Morgan said.
“But queen mother, I am scared that she might tell people that I killed Tony.” Mama Orobo said.
“She won’t do such thing.” Queen Morgan said.
“Okay, but how did she locate my house and how did she found out that I killed Tony?” Mama Orobo asked.
(Laughing) “She has some magical powers but trust me I am going to deal with her.” Queen Morgan said.
“I thought you blinded her?” Mama Orobo asked.
“Yes I did but don’t worry her days are numbered already.” Queen Morgan said and disappeared.
Mama Orobo quickly kept the Calabash pot back in her wardrobe before leaving the house.
Meanwhile, Anna was on her way home when queen Morgan appeared to her.
“You this little rat how dare you threaten my servant?” Queen Morgan said angrily.
“She doesn’t belong to you, she is the likeness of God so stay away from her before you face your Doom.” Anna said.
“Little girl do not cross your boundary.” She said.
“Stop using her to kill innocent people just to satisfy yourselfish self before my God will consume you with his fire.” Anna said.
“Your God cannot challenge me.” Queen Morgan said.
“My God does not challenge, He destroy the wicked ones out of the surface of this earth, go back to wherever you came from for you do not belong here.” Anna said as she walked pass her.
“I will deal with you little rat.” Queen Morgan yelled in anger and disappeared.
On the other hand, Mr Desmond came out of his room holding his briefcase and was set for work, he walked to the dinning to has his breakfast.
“Honey, did you see our daughter?” Mrs Desmond asked as soon as he settles down.
“I was about asking you that, are you not her mother?” Mr Desmond asked.
I haven’t see her this morning, I went to her room but she is not there.” Mrs Desmond said.
“So what are you saying that my daughter didn’t sleep this house or what?” Mr Desmond asked.
“Ah honey, she slept here”. Mrs Desmond said.
“Then where is she now?” Mr Desmond asked.
“Sanusi! Sanusi!” Mrs Desmond called and sanusi ran to them after some seconds.
“Madam/Oga, good morning.” He greeted bowing his head.
“Sanusi, did you see Anna this morning?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Ah yes oh madam, she comot this early morning.” Sanusi said.
“What? And you opened the gate for her?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Erm…..yes madam because she come dey beg me and me I nor like wen she dey beg so I come open the gate for her and……”
“Shut up your mouth! I thought I told you not to open that gate for her to go out?” Mr Desmond asked.
“Yes Oga but she beg me.” Sanusi said.
“Will you shut your mouth!” Mrs Desmond said before sanusi could say another word, slap landed on his cheek, Mr Desmond has just slapped him.
“Now go out there and look for my daughter and make sure you don’t return here without her else I will cut off your head rubbish.” Mr Desmond said in commanding tune.
Sanusi was about going out when Anna came in.
“No need I am here but father, you don’t have to slap him.” Anna said as she walked fully into the living room with the help of sanusi.
“And where are you coming from?” Mr Desmond asked but Anna didn’t say anything.
“I said where are you coming from and I thought I warned you not to leave this house again?” Mr Desmond asked in half yelled.
“I went to deliver a message.” Anna said.
“A message again??” Her both parents asked the same time and she nod in respond.


To be Continued……

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